About Natomas Group

Natomas Group was formed in April 2009 with a clear vision and objective to lay foundations for Indian community.


Our motto is to promote and preserve the Indian culture by celebrating Indian festivals like Bathukamma / Dussehra etc..

What we do

We started Bathukamma, Telangana's biggest festival, in Sacramentod that grows every year. Last year more than 1500 people attended Bathukamma festival

This year we are celeberating our 8th year Bathukamma Celebrations on 1st October, 2016.Natomas Group runs various cultural program throughout the year, to name a few below.

  • Bathukamma / Dussehra Celebrations
  • Mother’s Day Celebration
  • New Year Celebrations

About Natomas Group

  • Preserve, maintain and carry forward the cultural heritage of Indian Community.
  • Assist and propagate cultural, literary, educational, social, economic and community affairs of the people of Indian community in Sacramento.
  • Organize, encourage the charity events and program for the benefit of the people in general and community in particular.
  • Initiate, promote and maintain unity, friendly, co-operative relations with other Telugu organizations in Sacramento.
  • Raise, solicit, collect and disburse funds, charities and donations for cultural, educational and charitable purposes either directly or in cooperation with other not-for-profit organisations.
  • Affiliate and cooperate with and help to manage associations or societies having similar objectives.

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